about us
Company Overview

Sealed Insulating Materials L.L.C. is the 1st choice for many who are interested in quality and competitive price of water and heat insulation products. Sealed Insulating Materials L.L.C. was established in 2011 and is always ready to provide the best insulation technologies across the whole country. Our company is managed by well-experienced professionals in the field of construction who has a sound knowledge of insulation and waterproofing. We aim to provide quality services to our customers meeting their expectations. Unlike other popular insulation materials suppliers, we assure customers satisfaction and services tailored to their needs. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and their concerns and aspire to respond to them in a direct and honest way.

Why did I start Sealed Insulating Materials?

It is a necessity to solve insulation problems in construction, especially the most challenging part, which are basements. I had was facing the challenge myself with my own home and there wasn’t any popular solution that helped in solving my problem permanently. So I was introduced to a foreigner technology and I decided to try it and now water never penetrate to my home anymore! Therefore, I wanted to spread knowledge about new foreigner technologies, and my only way was to start a company to allow people finding new solutions to their insulation problems.

Since our beginnings, I was able to see Sealed expanding continuously. I am proud of starting Sealed as 3 employees and now we are 40.
We look forward to become one of the best experts in solving water and heat insulation issues using the best and most recent technologies. We aim to provide, maintain and supply a consistent high standard of quality as we believe it is the key to achieve long-term success.

Be patience and wise. Be wise choosing the right solutions. Focus on the maximum quality and lowest possible price, not price only. Especially in the insulation field where quality is required. Lowest price products will require continuous maintenance, which will eventually cost more in the long run.

Be patient with finding the right solution. It is like shopping for a new suit, if you didn’t find what you want in the 1st shop, you can always go and try the next one. The right solution is always there, just keep looking!

Eng. Raid Al Khaddad